Another Informative FOSTAC Session concluded at The Eros Hotel, New Delhi

HRANI concluded its latest Food safety training and certification session in New Delhi at The Eros Hotel, Nehru Place. The session was well attended by food handlers. The faculty for the session were Mr. Vikas Gupta, Professor, Amity University Noida, accompanied by Ms. Pritha Tripathi, Scientist (IV), (Training), FSSAI.

Mr. Gupta and Ms. Tripathi have conducted various FOSTAC sessions with HRANI since the very beginning. Their deep understanding, knowledge, and the ability to reach out to food handlers and address their concerns and questions made the session truly fruitful for all attendees.

The Food safety training and certification is an important document for food handlers as it has now been made mandatory by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India for all food business operators that have Central or State Licence to have at least one trained and certified food handler for every 25 food handlers in all their premises, the FoSTaC certified Food Safety Supervisor will be a conduit between FSSAI and the Food Business Operator.

The FOSTAC session was concluded with showcasing of Food Safety Display Boards (FSDB). Food handlers attending the session were informed that prominent display of FSDB in restaurants has also been made mandatory by FSSAI and need compliance on immediate basis.

It was informed that the FBO's must ensure that all licensed food businesses should display FSDBs in A3 size and registered food businesses should display A4 size and size specifications should be followed strictly. Information was also put across that for the catering sector, purple colour FSDBs are available on FSSAI's website and that the colour of FSDB should be maintained during printing.

It was further informed, FSDB should be placed in a way that it is readable at all times for consumers as well as food handlers. If the store is big or multi-storey, then FSDBs should be placed at multiple location on each floor.

Feedback from the participants:

"The FSSAI training session was well organized and well planned by HRANI team . It was very informative as it provided details of the regulations and aspects related to food safety. In fact you had provided us a platform for discussion and further providing us a clarity of regular food safety issues. Active participation of participants too made it interesting, the session was interactive. The presentations provided by FSSAI covered every topic in detail." - Supreet Kaur, Manager, Hygiene & QA, Eros Hotel.

"The FSSAI training session was extremely well planned and executed. Till date there are a lot ambiguities regarding the role of FSSAI in the food industry which sometimes questions its relevance. This session gave us an insight into the roles and responsibilities of the FBO itself to provide a safe dining experience to the guest/consumer. The Modules were well organised and pictorial representations were of great help. We, as a big organisation, intend to e a part of many such sessions so that we have a lot of Supervisors on the shop floor level to execute." - Nikhil Rastogi, Executive Chef, Eros Hotel.

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