HRANI's Digital Leap: Join Forces with ONDC for Seamless Hospitality Operations

The Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India (HRANI) has ventured into the digital realm with a momentous partnership with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC). This collaboration, announced during a board meeting at Gulati Restaurant, Gurugram, aims to revolutionize travel and hospitality operations by addressing last-mile logistics challenges.

During the event, Mr. Nitin Nair, Senior Vice President, Mobility, Transportation, Travel, ONDC (South) delivered an insightful presentation, revealing the potential benefits the ONDC platform holds for the hospitality industry. He detailed how ONDC's functionalities would enhance operational efficiency and connectivity for businesses within the HRANI network.

The alliance ensures that travel and hotel businesses affiliated with HRANI can now navigate the digital landscape more effectively through the ONDC platform. Drawing parallels with the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) in mobile payments, ONDC acts as a facilitator, seamlessly connecting buyers and sellers across various platforms. Industry insiders express optimism about this strategic partnership, emphasizing its pivotal role in leveraging digital platforms to enhance efficiency within the hospitality sector.
The HRANI-ONDC collaboration signals a new era for the industry, with a spotlight on connectivity and streamlined operations as paramount. As the hospitality landscape continues to evolve, this partnership positions HRANI members to harness the transformative benefits of a digitally interconnected future.

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