HRANI invites the support and participation of its members in an inspiring and impactful initiative to promote public health and bring to life Mahatma Gandhi's dream of a healthy and productive India.
Swasth Bharat Yatra, a Pan India Cycle rally, is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's Dandi March and 'Salt Satyagraha' of 1930. Through his tireless yatras, Mahatma Gandhi led the nation towards freedom from Colonial Rule. This yatra would also lead the nation towards freedom from diseases by cascading the message of Eat Right India to every corner of the country. The 'Swasth Bharat Yatra' was flagged off on 16th October, 2018 (World Food Day) on six tracks from six different locations and will cover almost all States/UTs, culminating at New Delhi on 27th January, 2019.
We invite you to extend your support for the initiative in any of the following ways:
1. Support for the initiative: by participating at various related platforms (e.g. as Volunteer cyclists, Prabhat Pheris, etc) along with your employees, distributors, retailers as the Yatra enters your Region/ States, printing and displaying banners etc., to welcome cyclists and support the cycling tracks.

2. Food: Make appropriate arrangements for food and refreshments to core cyclist groups and officials during their stay and wherever the rally passes across various locations.

3. Boarding and Lodging: Provide boarding and lodging support to core cyclist group and team of officials.

4. Hygiene Rating and Healthy Menu Labelling: To be adopted by our members as per FSSAIs guidelines.

5. Communication: Promote and publicize this initiative on your individual magazines, websites and social media as well as in all your marketing campaign.
"I would like to congratulate FSSAI for taking up this wonderful initiative and spreading awareness on food safety and hygiene with an intent to lead the nation towards freedom from diseases by cascading the message of Eat Right India to every corner of the country,
just as the Mahatma through Dandi March and Salt Satyagraha led the nation towards freedom.
It is my humble appeal to all the members and to the hospitality fraternity to come forward and support the Swasth Bharat Initiative."

Surendra Kumar Jaiswal
President, HRANI & Hony Secretary, FHRAI
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THEME: Eat Right India
The 'Eat Right India' movement is a collective effort of key stakeholders and citizens and is aligned with Government's recent focus on public health through its three key programmes, namely 'Ayushman Bharat', 'Swachh Bharat Mission', and 'POSHAN Abhiyaan'. 'Swasth Bharat Yatra', a pan-India Cyclothon, is a key element of the Eat Right India movement.
Swasth Bharat Yatra would provide the trigger for cascading the message of Eat Right India to every corner of the country. Following are the major themes of the Eat Right Movement:
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Food Safety display board made mandatory for all Food Business Operators (FBO)
With the operationalisation of the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Amendment Regulation, 2018; display of Food Safety Display Boards (FSDBs) at the catering establishment has been made mandatory by FSSAI.Please ensure:

1. Size: All licensed food businesses should display FSDBs in A3 size. Size specifications should be strictly followed.

2. Color Code: For catering sector, purple color FSDBs needs to be placed. Ensure the color of FSDBs in maintained during printing.

3. Placement of FSDBs: Readable at all times for consumers as well as food handlers. If your store is big and or multi storey, then FSDBs should be placed at multiple location on each floor.

Note: Placing FSDBs behind the counter or reception will not serve the purpose. FSDBs should be placed at multiple locations.

Food Safety Display Boards are informative boards that display food safety and hygiene practices to be followed by FBO in their establishment. The FSDBs are colour coded for different kind of food businesses for ease of recognition by the consumers. The color designation as per kind of business is as follows

Another Informative FOSTAC Session organized by HRANI concluded at The Eros Hotel, New Delhi
HRANI concluded its latest Food safety training and certification session in New Delhi at The Eros Hotel, Nehru Place. The session was well attended by food handlers. The faculty for the session were Mr. Vikas Gupta, Professor, Amity University Noida, accompanied by Ms. Pritha Tripathi, Scientist (IV), (Training), FSSAI.
Mr. Gupta and Ms. Tripathi have conducted various FOSTAC sessions with HRANI since the very beginning. Their deep understanding, knowledge, and the ability to reach out to food handlers and address their concerns and questions made the session truly fruitful for all attendees.
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